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We at Cresco Metrics (a spin off from Cresco Psychology Agency, Facebook: Cresco Metrics) have been exploring some personnel assessment methods that are intended to be more interactive, enable instant feedback, can be done on-line and hopefully are also more fun. We have been doing this because we want to know, if this type of method could function as a tool in personnel recruitment. With this new method we’ve attempted to measure different aspects of organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) and emotional stability in stressful situations 

Why develop this kind of method even though the current ones are reliable and valid? Because we have been thinking about the younger generations, meaning generation Z and generation Y. They tend to choose employers that give them instant feedback, offer generous possibilities for learning and development, freedom regarding time and space and also the possibility to use latest technology. To invite the talents of generation Y and Z, assessment should have same qualities: It should enable learning by instant feedback, it should be done by sitting on your sofa at home, on-line and shouldn’t be time consuming. And furthermore an additional bonus would be if the tasks in the assessment take place in some unusual and exotic environment. The assessment process itself should mirror the values and culture of the future employee.

In two words, next generation recruitment and assessment should be fun and fast. Our traditional paradigm about personnel assessment is that by using quite serious and tedious assessment methods, we have a great way to measure the candidate’s motivation and tenure. Even though the relevance of this point can be understood, we have begun to suspect that it is outdated. Nowadays employers have to be attractive and fun and the assessment methods have to support the image of the employee.

The results of our experimentation with this new method have been encouraging. Compared to more traditional personnel assessment methods some areas can be assessed as well or even better with the new approach. Areas that could be measured well or better were for example conscientiousness, activity level and helpfulness. This suggests that some areas of organizational citizenship behavior can be measured in a novel way. Both traditional assessment methods and this new method showed similar patterns. 

However, results with emotional stability were problematic to interpret. According to both methods – the traditional ones and the new one – all our test takers were very stable emotionally. In other, words, we didn’t get big enough differences between individuals. This might mean that both the traditional method and the new one have failed to measure this or simply that our test-takers all indeed were very stable. In this respect, we have to keep on experimenting.

Rethinking recruitment continues. If you want to stay tuned with the progress please follow us on Facebook: Cresco Metrics.


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